During the coronavirus pandemic, we are holding our services via Zoom.

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Sunday 18 October at 11.30 via ZOOM

Rev. Ralph Catts will be leading our Third Sunday service, on the theme of "Reflections upon Stoic Philosophy – an antecedent of Unitarianism?"

Contact us at firstuumelb@gmail.com for the Zoom link, and for some readings to stimulate your thinking before the service.



Sunday 11 October at 11.30 via ZOOM


As Unitarian-Universalists we often feel conflicted about the words we use to describe our own spiritual practice together. How do we respond to words like 'worship' or 'prayer'? Do we attend a 'service', a 'session' or a 'meeting'? Do we sing 'hymns' or 'songs'?  And while we're thinking about words, we're going to look at our constitution, and changes in the words in preparation for our AGM.

Sunday 4th October at 11.30 via ZOOM


On the first Sunday of the month, we hold a meditation over Zoom, led by Rev. Ralph Catts.  Our meditation on this Sunday was a visualisation of a retreat in an old Unitarian chapel in the English countryside.

Sunday 27th September at 11.30 via ZOOM

Our fellowship affirms the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism, but now many congregations are adopting an eighth principle of “journeying toward spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.”

In our discussion we discussed this Eighth Principle in an Australian context. We had as background reading some information about the formation of the Eighth Principle, and we read Marcia Langton's Thea Astley lecture "Why the Black Lives Matter protests must continue"

Sunday 20 September 2020 at 11.30 via ZOOM


It's Spring here in Melbourne - and hopefully, we're opening up after a long winter of lockdown. Claire led our service on these themes, which had some beautiful readings, stunning images and a thought-provoking presentation..

Sunday 13 September 2020 at 11.30 via ZOOM


We shared poetry and music (via video) on the theme of 'love'. It was striking how many variations of 'love' we found.  Love as a transforming experience, the love of friends, love between father and son, and the sheer exuberance of falling in love.


Sunday 6 September 2020 at 11.30 via ZOOM


It's First Sunday Meditation Day. Ralph led us in a visualization meditation.

Sunday 23 August 2020 at 1.00 p.m. via ZOOM

First Unitarian Universalist Melbourne fellowship is part of the Australian and New Zealand Unitarian Universalist Association (ANZUUA). This year we participated in a joint New Zealand-Australia service on ZOOM, followed by discussion. This is a first!



Sunday 16 August 2020 at 2.00 p.m. via ZOOM


Our regular Third Sunday Service for August will look at the 7th principle shared by Unitarian Universalists: Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. Connie led the service which teased out the concept of the  'web of all existence', from animals through to the cosmos!

Sunday  2nd August 2020 at 11.30 a.m.


We've changed our time! During the coronavirus shutdown, we have been having a meditation session on the first Sunday of each month, via Zoom.  On Sunday 2 August, Rev Ralph Catts will led us through a discussion and practice of various meditation techniques, and some of us shared the spiritual practices that we've been trying to embed into our lives.

Saturday 1 August 2020 at 5.00 p.m. via ZOOM

We joined with the Asia Pacific UU gathering for the Great Show and Tell: Pets, Plants, Plumes - How I Felt Safe. In this ZOOM meeting, attended by Unitarian Universalists from a range of countries in the Asia-Pacific region, we introduced our pets and talked about our responses to the shutdowns imposed to differing extents across our countries.

Sunday 19 July 2020 at 2.00 p.m. via ZOOM


Our theme for our July service was "What Helen Keller Saw", led by Janine. Nearly everyone remembers the scene of Helen Keller standing by the water pump with her teacher Anne Sullivan, but what happened next? Helen Keller was a philanthropist, writer, socialist and activist who was very attuned to the spiritual life through Swedenborgianism. Over the length of her long life, she travelled the world, promoting the need for services for the blind, and also as a way of testifying to her spiritual beliefs. We read extracts from her writing, and watched some videos of her speaking and communicating. While we do not share her belief in Swedenborgianism, her long life integrating activism and spirituality has much to teach us.

Sunday 5 July 10.30 a.m. via ZOOM


On the First Sunday of each month, we have been holding an online meditation service.

For our First Sunday Meditation in July, Ralph will led us in a Loving Kindness Meditation.

Sunday 21 June 2020 at 2.00 p.m. via Zoom


To celebrate the winter solstice, the theme for our June meeting was "Emergence". Connie led the service, which spoke of the solstice as a tipping point, and she then went on to consider the recent Black Lives Matter protests in America, and whether -perhaps - we are at a tipping point. During the service, we listened to the beautiful poem "Waiting for Now" by Mandie MGlynn

Sunday 7 June 2020 10.30 a.m. via Zoom


 This Sunday we were led in a Sound Meditation by Rev. Ralph Catts.

During the meditation we were invited to listen to a 6 minute meditation chant twice, using the music in this link:


​Sunday 31 May 2020 10.30 a.m. via Zoom


As our government starts lifting restrictions, we considered the idea of 'Thresholds'. Some of us cannot wait to cross the threshold back into a more normal life, while others of us feel apprehension about going back into the world again. In our service, we listened to the music of Sara Bareilles and Holly Near, we read 'Open Up the Doors' by Lindasusan Ulrich and we heard the talk given by Rev. Suzelle Lynch on May 10 2020 at the Unitarian Universalist Church West, Brookfield Wisconsin, "Standing on the Threshold"

Sunday 17 May 2020 2.00 p.m. via Zoom

Last Sunday was Mothers' Day in Australia and hence a time to focus on nurture.
There are at least six dimensions to human experience, namely physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, together with location and time (or stage of life). Some people choose to deny the spiritual as a dimension, and prefer to think of life only in terms of what they can address in a physical sense. However, as Bertrand Russell observed, life is enriched when one acknowledges the mystical or spiritual domain as part of human experience.

In our hour of worship on Sunday, Ralph will evoke the idea that we have a spiritual journey open to each of us throughout life, and he will invite us to reflect on how we nurture our spiritual well-being

If you would like to join us, email us on firstuumelb@gmail.com and we'll give you details.

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